Spiradenoma of the Ear Canal

This spiradenoma came from the ear canal, and fortunately was very small.  It’s a tiny lesion, only about 1.5 mm in greatest dimension.  I guess you could argue that this is really a small cylindroma, because the changes in both tumors often overlap.  Often spiradenomas will show rich vascularity, and this one shows dilated vessels in some sections.  The cells are very basophilic, but appear bland and show no atypical mitotic figures.  There are small eosinophilic globules and thickened basement membrane material, features that are also found in cylindromas.

Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2004 Feb;130(2):277-8. Eccrine spiradenoma: an unusual presentation with otalgia. Nadig SK, Alderdice JM, Adair RA, Rao TJ.

emedscape article on Spiradenoma


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