Clear cell basal cell carcinoma.  Given the never ending stream of basal cell carcinomas my eyeballs see, it is surprising to me how rarely I seen this variant of basal cell carcinoma.  The nests of tumor cells show prominent clear cell change with an adamantinoid appearance.  Usually, I will see clear cell basal cell carcinoma focally within a more typical basal cell carcinoma, but this tumor showed only clear change.  A sebaceous neoplasm may be a consideration in this case, but the cytoplasm lacks the vacuolization and nuclear scalloping of sebaceous differentiation.

Oliver GF, Winkelmann RK.  J Cutan Pathol. 1988 Dec;15(6):404-8.  Clear-cell, basal cell carcinoma: histopathological, histochemical, and electron microscopic findings.


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